Syner-G Services

Syner-G SMS Service allows any user with Internet Access anywhere in the world to Send to and Receive SMS Text Messages from GSM Mobile Phone users in the Philippines, regardless of carrier. The service was designed with affordability to both the SMS user and the mobile phone user in mind.Enjoy :)

Some of our NEW Services and System Enhancements:

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Philippine Peso Rate (Bangko Sentral): 42.52

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Lawmaker seeks prosecutorial powers for PDEA lawyers


Gabriel Technologies, Inc. introduces the TexMoCo™.Service for anyone who wants to communicate with multiple users, clients, members, subscribers, friends, family very effectively and efficiently. This is especially good for businesses that spend a lot on sending out invitations, reminders, greetings etc. and end up spending a lot on Labor, Materials, Printing and Postage. Here is finally a better way that is more cost efficient, faster and more convenient! more..

even More of our Services of Interest:

  1. MyTexMoCo Applet - add an applet to your webpage or Myspace / Friendster Profile so others can send you SMS without having to give out your phone number.
  2. Syner-G Referral - get free Syner-G Credits everytime you sign someone up! Got a lot of Friends? Get a lot of Credits!
  3. InfoTeXt - Information at your fingertips, get updated information without having to pay for expensive data via your mobile phone.